Iwona Wedding


Kind words not only lift our spirits in the moment they are given, but they can linger with us over the years.
— Joseph B. Wirthlin

Becka & Jon, London 2017

Our wedding was absolutely amazing, thanks to Iwona's advice, help and boundless energy. From the very beginning she was full of ideas, listened to our thoughts and her love and enthusiasm for weddings shone through. It felt like we had a great friend helping us plan our wedding. 

Her phenomenal attention to detail made sure everyone had a great day. In such a public space as St Pancras, she made sure the ceremony venue felt personal and intimate. The floral arrangements, which she made herself (using some flowers from her own garden!) were absolutely stunning, as was the menu she helped to choose, and she orchestrated a million other tiny details that ensured our wedding day was a brilliant event for everyone.

She always offered to go above and beyond and had so many great ideas we were sorry not to be able to include them all! She made our whole wedding experience incredibly smooth, easy and stress-free. We feel so fortunate that she was involved in our wedding and can't recommend her highly enough to other couples. In a word, she's brilliant!


Sarah & Tom, London 2015

From the moment we met Iwona I knew that she would take care of us and help us achieve the day of our dreams. She came across as so bubbly and just in love with the beauty of weddings that we couldn’t help but get swept up in the excitement of it all.

Iwona took such amazing care of us and put in so much work, I really don’t know how she found the time. She is a master flower arranger to add to her many talents – she made my bouquet, created the most beautiful flower arrangement for the Registrar table, decorated all of the chairs and even saved the day when there was a slight hair piece disaster!

Our wedding wasn’t a very conventional one, as we decided to have it in two countries in one day, which meant we had to cut out a few of the more traditional elements of the day such as the cake...or so we thought... To our absolute surprise and delight, Iwona (deciding that we couldn’t not have a wedding cake) the night before the wedding when she had a thousand other things to do, baked us the most beautiful chocolate cake for us to have on the Eurostar. Not only that, but she had hand made heart shaped bunting to decorate our carriage, so when we entered the Eurostar we were completely blown away by the beautiful sight of our friends and family surrounded by hearts.

The bunting, the cake, the flower arranging, let alone the official work she put in to arranging the ceremony and the sound system and the drinks and canapés...I’m not exaggerating when I say it, and she, was phenomenal. We cannot thank her enough for making our obscure dream into a beautiful reality.


Katie & Nic, London 2016

We were introduced to Iwona by our amazing photographer Sam....and what a recommendation it was. Iwona quickly understood the vision I had for our wedding and went to a lot of effort to offer suggestions to fill the creative gaps I hadn’t quite decided on. The lead up to our wedding day would have been a lot less seamless without Iwona’s help. She went above and beyond to make sure everything was going to be perfect. I definitely slept a lot easier the night before knowing that she would be there at the crack of dawn the following day ensuring everything went to plan. Thank you Iwona - Our wedding day was more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.


Rebecca & Johnny, London 2015

Planning our day with Iwona was just fabulous from the very beginning. She made us feel so completely at ease and is so lovely. She really listened to what we wanted and made it all happen with no fuss. Iwona had brilliant ideas, great contacts if we needed them, and ran everything...all while making it look effortless. I can't imagine how hard she worked behind the scenes, but it all went without a hitch. Our day was just perfect. I loved every second of it from start to finish. From the ceremony, to the drinks reception to the dinner, it was seem-less and amazing in every way. The champagne and drinks were flowing, the canapés lovely and the meal delicious. I really wanted to make sure we didn’t just have another boring wedding menu, and we got exactly what we wanted. Iwona made our menu choices happen for the best price I could find, and having it in a great restaurant meant the food was of a very high standard. 

I am so glad we found Iwona, and can't imagine a better wedding planned and executed. It was emotional but so much fun and was a perfect reflection of us. I can't say enough how fabulous it was. I am still smiling weeks later. Thank you